1. Applications are called only via online for re-scrutiny of results of the above examination.

2. Calling applications starts on 15th September 2022 and ends on 28th September 2022.

3. Use following methods to apply for re-scrutiny of results. Log into the offi cial website of the Department https://doenets.lk and click on Online Applications “School Examinations” which is under “Our Services” Log into DoE, the offi cial mobile app of the Department and click on Online Applications (School Examinations) Log into https://onlineexams.gov.lk/eic

4. You are instructed to use the same Index Number and National Identity Card number, which you have used for the sitting G.C.E. (A/L) Examination – 2021(2022).

5. Reading Technical Instructions, Common Instructions and watching demonstration video in advance is necessary to complete the application accurately.

6. The fee for the re-scrutiny per subject is Rs.250/=. This amount can be paid by a credit/ debit card or via a Post Offi ce.

7. The application in PDF format, which can be downloaded after making payment should be kept in your possession. Furthermore, you will be received an SMS alert into your mobile phone after making relevant payment.

8. It is the responsibility of the candidate to complete the application accurately. The applications sent without due payment fee will be rejected without any notice. The amount paid for the application will not be refunded.

9. Those who have not qualifi ed to enter Universities due to receipt of under 30 marks for Subject No.12-Common General Test are also permitted to apply for re-scrutiny of particular subject.

10. For any Inquiries please contact below numbers.

School exam (Evaluation) Branch – 011-2785231 / 011-2785216 / 011-2784037

Hot line – 1911

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