Recycling of soft plastics

Recycling of soft plastics

Soft Plastics Recycling In Australia, soft plastic packaging cannot be recycled through top recycling services. However, if it gets scratched, it can be recovered via REDcycle, meaning it won’t make it to the peak
(not to mention our springs, gutters and spaces).

But stylish? All this will come in handy! So your chip packets, ice cream wrappers, chuck bags, rice and pasta can get another life!


Developed authorities in Australia cannot accept soft plastics for recovery through kerbside collection because they clog automatic sorting machines.

The vaticination that by the middle of this century there will be more plastic waste than fish in the abyss has become one of the most quoted statistics and a big call to start trading it.

Recycling of soft plastics
what can you do

The REDcycle program makes it easy for you to recover soft plastics – simply collect all your rubbish and put it in the collection boxes at shared supermarkets.

What can I miss?

still, it’s plastic and you can roll it into a ball in your hand and off you go! It’s okay to leave small pieces of paper like price tags or markers as long as it’s soft. And your soft plastic doesn’t have to be washed – the contents should be empty, but you can allow many pieces or a little dry sauce. Just make sure it’s dry because wet plastic creates a ground problem.

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where do i get it

There are shared supermarkets all over Australia. REDcycle lockers are usually located near the checkout, but if you can’t find them, ask the customer service office. Find the nearest collection point.

What happens to the plastic?

Collected plastics are fed to the REDcycle facility for initial processing and also supplied to Australian manufacturing colleagues

Change it.

Recycle transforms accessories into a range of recycled products including indoor and outdoor cabinets, bollards and signs. Reply products are ideal for use in seminars, venues, public spaces and commercial spaces. Use recycled aggregates as an element of road construction.

Plastic woods

Use REDcycle accessories in a range of recycled products including theater edging, theater beds, stakes, root walls, wheel stops and hedges. Plastic forestry products are ideal for use in auditoriums, commercial estates, community spaces, seminars, homes and exhibition venues. Check the relief range.

Help spread the word!

tell your original council and academy to encourage them to buy products made from recycled accessories.

Imagine if all councils, workshops and businesses were required to spend their purchasing budget on products made from recycled accessories!

Buy refurbished.

The buck stops with you! We need to buy products made from recycled accessories in order to produce demand for the accessories we recycle. However, it must go to the tip if there is no requirement. Find out all about Greening the Green, an event that aims to reduce waste and indirect packaging in sports facilities.

Craig Revcastle took to the ABC talk show to find out how much vital waste we produce as a nation and what we can do about it. Check out this footage from Series 1, Opportunity 2 and watch Replas with director Mark Yates show and explain the importance of recycled plastic and what we can do with it. be able to

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